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2013 Hyundai Elantra

  • 2013 Hyundai Elantra

    Hyundai Elantra
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Inspect vehicle and note body damage and lights operations (warning, indicator, exterior, interior). Test drive vehicle and check all systems including brakes, steering, engine performance, and account for visible leaks.
    • Testing and Diagnosis- Includes testing and inspection of electrical circuits and components as needed. Connect scan tool or other test equipment to determine cause of failure. Removal of components as needed for access.
    • Tech verified customer concern of a misfire. Tech connected scan tool and retrieved code P0303- Cylinder 3 misfire. Tech performed inspection and found the spark plugs are worn and due for replacement. Tech swapped cylinder 3 spark plug with cylinder 2 spark plug as well as cylinder 3 coil with cylinder 1 coil. Tech cleared codes and test drove vehicle. The misfire followed the spark plug to cylinder 2. Rec replacing all 4 spark plugs and performing fuel services. Tech replaced all 4 spark plugs and performed fuel services. Tech cleared codes and test drove vehicle and no codes or misfires have returned at this time.
    • Tech removed and replaced all 4 spark plugs
    • Clean build-up from throttle body and idle air control motor where applicable. De-carbon intake system and combustion chambers. Add long term fuel system treatment to tank.
    • Isolate injector rail from fuel system. Chemical flush all injectors with Valvoline professional-grade injector cleaner.
    • Tech removed and replaced both front brake pads and rotors. Tech torqued wheels to 79.6 Ft Lbs.
    • Tech removed and replaced both rear brake pads and rotors and torqued wheels to 79.6 Ft. Lbs.
    • LOF service due. Drain and refill with new oil and replace oil filter.
    • Tech removed and replaced the cabin and engine air filters.
    • Customer states A/C has an odor. Verify cabin air filter not causing smell. A/C system has bacterial growth. Apply spray foam cleaning agent to A/C Evaporator Core. Rinse clean, and apply anti-bacterial refresh spray to core. A/C now no longer emits odor.
    • Brake fluid dirty and contaminated. Flush brake system and fill with up to 1 Qt of new, clean brake fluid. Bleed system.
    • Flush entire cooling system with flush machine, Valvoline Cleaner and conditioner. Fill system to required amount with new coolant.
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